A crown is a rigid cap which restores a tooth to its ideal anatomic contours and function, while at the same time, protecting the underlying tooth. Crowns are best suited when other cosmetic procedures are not possible or are counter-productive. Best indication of crowns are functionally compromised teeth due to:

  • Tooth fracture
  • A large restoration
  • Previous root canal therapy
  • Extensive damage by decay

Key Benefits

  • Natural or improved appearance
  • Support and protection to compromised teeth
  • Restoration of normal or improved function

Treatment Procedure

A crowning procedure requires two appointments. At the first appointment, the tooth is prepared by circumferential reduction to make room for the crown. An impression (or mould) is then taken of the prepared tooth for fabrication at a laboratory, and a plastic temporary crown fitted for the interim period. Laboratory fabrication takes 3 weeks for ‘Procera’ crowns, and 2 weeks for all other crown types. At the subsequent visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is permanently cemented into place.

Before / After
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