High-Quality Crowns La Mesa

A dental crown is basically a rigid cap for a damaged tooth. A crown can be made from a variety of materials, such as porcelain or metal. The crown protects the tooth underneath it while restoring its function, and it looks just like a normal tooth. Dentists usually recommend crowns when other cosmetic procedures aren’t feasible or have the potential to be counterproductive. For patients in La Mesa, crowns are usually most appropriate when the functionality of teeth have been compromised because of:

  • Fractures in the teeth
  • Extensive restoration
  • Prior root canal therapy
  • Widespread damage due to decay

With Dental Crowns, La Mesa Patients Enjoy These Key Benefits:

  • More natural and enhanced appearance
  • Greater support and protection for compromised teeth
  • Return of normal or even improved functionality

Two separate appointments are required when a patient gets a crown. During the first appointment, the dentist uses circumferential reduction to prepare the tooth so there will be room for the crown. Then the dentist makes a mold of the prepared tooth by taking an impression, which will be sent to a laboratory for fabrication of the crown. The dentist will fit the patient with a temporary plastic crown until the fabricated crown is ready, which usually takes about three weeks for Procera (ceramic) crowns and two weeks for other types of crowns. During the final visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown into place. When they need any kind of dental procedures, including crowns, La Mesa patients can rely on the expertise of the doctors at La Perle Dental.

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